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About us

INOX SA is a Romanian private company specialized in the production of elements for professional use for the kitchens and food serving and processing areas and display of food. It was established in 1937.

In 2023 INOX SA started a new production activity under the new CAEN 2540. Arms and ammunition manufacturing (with the exception of the essential components of a weapon and ammunition)

The management of the company is handled by a, dynamic staff that, thanks to its skills, has consolidated an efficient technical-production structure.

The in-depth knowledge of the market along with the adoption of the most modern technologies has allowed INOX SA to satisfy the requests for functionality and reliability of the most demanding customers, bringing the quality of its products to the very highest levels. For this reason, INOX SA is today successfully representing the best quality standards of European-made products.

Always aim to build sustainable partnerships HoReCa and Retail industries in Romania, the constant orientation to customer requirements.

The satisfaction of the results allows us to believe strongly in the future.

The tradition and experience of over 75 years speak for themselves. The wide range of products and the types of our products highlight the experience and skills of our staff.

Today, the company , through constantly technological modernization started in 2006 , focused on the next generation :

  • Military, manufacture of weapons and ammunition.
  • Equipment and neutral accessories for professional kitchens, food preparation areas ;
  • Complete solutions for professional kitchens , supermarkets and hypermarkets ;
  • Neutral Equipment for bars ;
  • Stainless steel railings and also ramps and access stairs for disabled individuals, or combinations with other materials;
  • Furniture for various purposes: urban, offices, housing, recreation, including ornamental articles ;
  • Furniture and equipment for the hospital and prison;
  • Customised equipment for confectionery industry , bakery ( fresh or frozen ) ;
  • Customised equipment for the fish and meat processing industry (furniture, storage facilities, goods transported, etc.).
  • Customized solutions for milking parlors for sheep and goats ;
  • Modular building systems for outdoor kitchens ;
  • Lifts and elevators of goods and people ;
  • Stainless steel cutlery .

Our company’s strength is based on the use of best quality materials and the input of our highly qualified and skilled staff, the manufacturing line which is flexible enough to be used both for serial or one-off production and our experience in designing new products